Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 5 Day Hike Essentials

It's no secret that I chose to live a healthy lifestyle from crossfit, beachbody workouts to spin -- but it doesn't stop there. I live in place where adventure is endless -- hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, etc.

Before moving to Tahoe I had never really "hiked" in my life. I remember my first hike in Tahoe with my now husband. I'm surprised he stayed with me after that. As a true novice I only brought myself -- yup, no food or snacks. Good thing he expected it and brought enough for two!

Although today I wouldn't consider myself a hiking expert I'm definitely more experienced. A day hike can range from a few miles to 15ish. What you wear and bring can make or break a great day. When getting ready for a hike you always want to consider a few things: weather, difficulty and length. Hopefully my essentials will inspire you get outside and explore.

My Top 5 Day Hike Essentials

ONE | Daypack
Personally I like to carry my Camelbak on all day hikes -- whether I'm going 2 or 10 miles. Carrying a hydration pack is way easier than water bottles. I typically carry 2L of water with me. Daypacks come in a variety of sizes -- visit REI to find one that's right for you.

TWO | Water + Snacks/Lunch
If we know we're hiking a good distance we always pack sandwiches. For good measure I'll also pack a piece of fruit and a few bars, but they usually make it back to the house. Like food/snacks I always carry more water than I need. You don't want to run out of water on the trail. Not sure how much water you bring? Check out CamelBak's hydration calculator.

THREE | Moisture Wicking Gear
What you wear can make or break your hike. When in doubt dress in layers. In the middle of summer I prefer shorts, but spring or fall I prefer capris or pants. Tank / Pants

FOUR | Good Shoes
When I first started hiking I just wore regular running shoes and it wasn't until after a summer of hiking I invested in a pair of hiking shoes. Game changer! Happy feet, happy hiker.  I personally like a low/mid hiking shoe instead of a hiking boot. My suggestion is trying on a few styles/brands and  find something that works for you and your adventures. Shoes / Socks

FIVE | Sunscreen / Hat
You don't want to end a great day exploring the great doors with a sunburn. Try applying sunscreen before you leave the house and again after lunch. For extra protection on your face try rocking a hat. I'm loving THIS one.

These are just my top essentials I do also always carry a map and first aid kit. What you need will typically be determined by the hike, but you should check out REI's 10 hiking essentials list.

What's your top hiking essentials?


  1. Great post, lady! My husband and I are big day hikers and I think you hit all the right notes. Good shoes are probably the most important for me, just because once your feet start to go it's game over. I also always pack something longsleeved even if it is summer time. I hate being cold and when you hike a mountain it's so much cooler at the summit.

    1. Total game over when the feet start barking! So true about summits being cooler. I packed a down jacket a few weeks ago on a hike. Husband said I was crazy, but guess what it was crazy cold and windy at the top!

  2. Good shoes and clothes definitely make a difference! I would add mosquito repellent for where I live! And I always carry a phone...just in case :)

  3. I really need to invest in some hiking boots... and a hiking backpack to carry our little guy! I'd also have to add binoculars to this list, because I like to sneak in a little bird watching every now and then. Dorky, I know. ;-)

    1. We've been looking at hiking backpacks too. Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Let me know what you end up getting.