Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life Updates + Loving Lately

Can you believe Halloween is this weekend?! I can't! Life seems to be moving along quickly and now that the holiday's are here it's going to be 2016 before we know it!

Before we get to what I'm loving -- Here are a few life updates.

+ Work is crazy busy which is awesome and hard juggling schedules and childcare. Luckily we have an awesome nanny who is flexible.

+ I hit my October goal at Crossfit -- 10 unbroken [kipping] Pull-ups. Awesome Right?! Now I'm working on strict pull-ups. My goal is five.

+ I ripped open two calluses last night while practicing kipping and pull-ups [enter double crying emoji]. This is the first time it's ever happen. Apparently it will take about a week to heal. Whomp, whomp. I guess next week I'll be cherry picking my WODs.

+ I basically quit drinking and am only drinking on special occasions. Why? Abs are made in the kitchen and well beer and wine don't help.

Ok, now for the fun stuff ;)

GAP Sleep Leggings
I ordered a pair of the ribbed cuff leggings during the last sale and I'm in love. They are super soft and cozy. I'm ready for another pair! These will definitely make the christmas wish list.
Mighty Nut Peanut Butter
If you missed yesterday's post about powdered peanut butter you can catch up HERE. Plus, there's a giveaway. Anyway, Might Nut [c/o] is my new favorite peanut butter. The best part is 1.5 g of fat for 2 tbsp!

Hand Care 101: Preventing Rips
Since I've been at Crossfit [over a year] my hands have never ripped, but then I was pregnant most of the time. Then took a few months off. Now I'm pushing myself harder everyday. With that said, I'm learning things like taking care of my hands. I thought I was doing a good job, but I guess not good enough. #crossfitproblems

* Don't let this scare you away from trying Crossfit. It doesn't happen to everyone. I'm just pushing harder and lifting more. Now I know what I need to do moving forward.

Honest Beauty
Anyone else loving Honest Beauty right now? I've been using the free trail for the last week and LOVE it. I can't wait to get my first bundle. I've been on the lookout for new makeup and this is totally up my alley. Everyday I really only wear mascara, bb cream and bronzer/blush. Simple girl, simple needs.

I feel like there's more things I'm loving, but I can't remember right now. Maybe it's the fact I'm up way too late or my hands hurt. Oh well.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. Amazing on the pullups, lady! Keep rocking em out!

    I'd love to hear more about the honest beauty stuff, looks fabulous! happy weekend!

    1. Thanks. It felt so good! Next will be 5 strict pull-ups. I can do one. HA!

  2. Found you on the Oh Hey Friday linkup! It's always a great feeling when you meet a goal - especially in fitness. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

    1. Thanks! Working on strict pull-ups next. Just need to let my hands heal first.

  3. So glad that you're doing well on the pull-ups. I'm, Lord willing, going to start a CrossFit style pull-ups routine soon... Hopefully I'll be able to do regular pullups within a year.

    1. once you get the kip down you're golden. good luck.