Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 A Year In Review

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Where did the year go? As I type my sweet baby is napping, work is wrapped up for the day and my house oh-vey needs a serious cleaning. Let's procrastinate cleaning the house and take a look at 2015 and all its glory.

Best month the entire year because, duh, Emerson was born! It was a rocky start, but she's a fighter.

We spent the month focusing on our sweet baby girl! I shared my postpartum essentials and her two week & one month update.

My mother-in-law came to visit and we made the most delicious PB cookies!

We were finally getting into the swing of things as a family of three. In March I shared our newborn photos, my new mom style and our love for Lulujo Baby [swaddle pictured above].

We also made it a point to get outside daily.

We traveled to South Dakota, I finally shared Emerson's birth story and Emerson turned three months!

Aside from January, May was a big month for us. We started our long awaited kitchen remodel! My dad and step-mom visited mother's day weekend and helped with the baby and demo.

I would like to say I started blogging about things other then Emerson, but I didn't. We reviewed a Halo SleepSack and shared her five month update.

My mom visited and watched Emerson for a week so I could work an Event. I made some deliciousness in July too - Breakfast Quesadillas and  Watermelon Juice. Emerson celebrated her first Fourth of July.

Another big month personally for me. In August I left my job to work as a consultant and stay home with Emerson and Nick and I celebrated our third anniversary! In the blogging world I chatted about a sunrise hike with 100+ friends.

Working for myself allowed my to really amp up my blogging game. I joined a few new networks [IZEA and SoFab] and affiliate programs [EBATES] and saw my readership grow slow and steadily [I won't have it any other way].

I blogged about my Top Five Tahoe Hikes and Fit Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond!

Emerson experienced first beach day in Southern California.

Aside from a number of sponsored posts, we celebrated Halloween and went Apple Picking. On the baby front I shared my Body After Baby and Emerson turned Nine Months.

My sister and brother-in-law visited and we traveled to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

All this Christmas! Having Emerson made the Holidays so much more fun! I shared our Christmas Cards and recap.

2015 was a great year, but I'm ready for 2016!

Happy New Year!


  1. What a big year for you! Emerson got cuter and cuter each month! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. what a great year!!! cheers to 2016! xo jillian - cornflake dreams