Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Gift Guide for Couples

Hello, hello. I'm still here!

The last few days have been crazy and I just didn't have the energy or creative juices to write. Cliff notes: our kitchen is being finished, the hubby and I had the stomach flu or food poisoning, and work. But I'm here and alive. I'm keeping it short and sweet today with my favorite couple's gifts.

Over the last year the hubby and I keep gifting each other "the kitchen." Yeah, some may not be into that, but HELLO a brand new kitchen is an amazing gift. And yes, I'm over 30 and just dated myself. Anyway, over the last few years we've also gifted ourselves a new camera, trip to Mexico, and other things we needed. Basically, I love it because I get new stuff for the house and who doesn't love vacation!?

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite 'couples' gifts.

A Gift Guide For Couples

New Couch - I keep insisting our couch has run it's course. It is nine years old. Plus, with a shiny new kitchen it looks drab. I'm loving the above sectional from West Elm.

New Rug  - If you have hardwood floors then you probably own a few area rugs. Like carpet, rugs should be upgraded every so often.

Apple TV - We cancelled cable nearly TWO years ago! We use Hulu to watch our favorite shows, etc. We have the old Apple TV so it would be nice to up grade to the newer version.

Camera - A few years ago we bought a Canon T4i. It's great for vacations, family photos and blogging ;) Now I just need to up my photo taking game.

Viviosmart - The couple that gets fit together, stays together. Enough said. [SUPER SALE: it's currently marked down to $79 from $149 on amazon, click HERE]

Vitamix - One of our favorite purchases! We use it almost daily. It's the only blender you should buy. Trust me I've burnt out a lot of blenders in my life.

New pillows - Pillows are another thing you should be replacing every couple of years. I love a nice fluffy/semi firm down pillow. [SUPER SALE: These pillows are marked down to $80 + an extra 15% off  with code: MERRY, BOGO and Macy's Money. Basically pay $68 for 2 now and get $$ to spend later! Offer ends 12/21]

Wine Glasses - Because you'll want a few bottles of wine after all the christmas activities and why not have new glasses to drink from.

There you have it, a few of my 2015 picks for the couple.

Happy shopping.

What's on your list this season?

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