Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Emerson Quinn // Ten Months

Height + Weight | At her nine month appointment, a few weeks ago, she was 20.5 lbs and about 28 inches!

Health | Healthy as an OX. We had our first follow up at UC Davis Medical Center, since her stay in the NICU, last month. They couldn't believe how well she was doing. We'll go back for another follow up at 18 months and again at three years. Oh, we're up to eight teeth now.

Sleep | Sleeps like a champ... end of story.

Eat | Girlfriend loves to eat. We've introduced so many new things this month, even salmon! She loved Thanksgiving dinner especially the stuffing.

Wear | 12 month + I just bought her this snowsuit during cyber Monday!

Social | We spent Thanksgiving in CO so there were lots of snuggles from her Nana and Papa. Plus she got to meet her auntie and cousin [who couldn't stop talking about her].

Milestones | 
+ She started wearing REAL shoes!
+ Traveled to CO
+ Started riding in the cart at the store [technically this happen last month, but I forgot]
+ Started eating meats
+ At 10 months + 1 day she started walking! What, the what!! [Follow along on snapchat: tiarawasner]
+ Met her cousin
+ Visited her first National Park - Rocky Mountain National Park
+  Celebrated her first Thanksgiving
+ Started waving! She also really wants to blow kisses, but we're not there yet.
+ Still surviving her first house remodel.Floors were installed this week! eek.
+ First REAL snow fall!

Postpartum | I still have mom thumb and it SUCKS. Still hitting the workouts hard although cleans are out the widow. Other than that I'm loving life, my mom bod and my abs are slowly popping even after taking a week off at Thanksgiving! Slow and steady wins the race.

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