Thursday, February 25, 2016

Five Amazing Health + Fitness Blogs

The health and fitness industry continues to grow at a rapid speed every year. While there are fitness blogs and public figures I love and agree with, there are those I can't believe are making a killing in the industry. Either way, if it's inspiring you to get fit then I'm all for it. Today was a tough one. Yup, tough. It wasn't easy narrowing down some of my favorite health and fitness bloggers. Maybe I should have made a top 10 list, but these are blogs I read everyday. I also feel I could go for a run, share a glass of wine or cook a delicious meal with every single one of them. They are real, relatable and practice what they preach. In no particular order...

Juli is the funny, talented, crossfitting, paleo eating blogger behind PaleOMG. Her dishes will make you want to start cooking at home all the time. Oh, did I mention she's written three cookbooks! Girlfriend has style and like me has workout clothes for days.

The Fit Foodie Mama
Girlfriend, Annemaire, is one fit mama and amazing cook. Not only should you check out her blog because of dishes like Paleo Sweet Potato & Egg Breakfast Sliders, but her intsagram is super inspiring and real. From daily runs to what's for dinner Annemarie is relatable which makes her one of my must read blogs.

fANNEtastic food
Anne is a RD, avid runner and foodie. Like Annemarie, Anne is a very relatable blogger. She shares everything from where she's running, to what she's lifting, to what she's cooking up. If you're looking to lose a few pounds Anne can help you hit your goals with tailored plans just for you!

Whole Food Bellies
Warning don't visit Donna's blog on an empty stomach. I seriously wish she lived in Tahoe. Her posts always leave me hungry. There are so many yummy dishes, but I would start with Sweet Potato and Corn ChowderApple Quinoa Breakfast Pot or Loaded Pad See Ew.

A Lady Goes West
So Ashley lives in Northern California, like me! Ashley, a SF based fitness instructor, has me wanting to make a career change. Who doesn't want to get paid to workout, be sponsor by Nike [or any fit apparel company] and travel the world!

Who are some of your favorite health and fitness bloggers?


  1. I've read a Lady Go West off and on, I'll have to check out the other blogs.

  2. These are all new to me, sounds like I have quite a bit of blog reading to do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh thank you so much for your kind words Tiara, they really made my day :) I would happily share a glass of wine, or cook a delicious meal with you! I love PaleOMG as well, and will totally be checking out your other favourites!! I am actually living in Sacramento atm, so not too far from Tahoe :)

  4. So fun learning about these! I was only familiar with PaleOMG. I live in Nor Cal too, so fun to find other bloggers that do too.

    1. Yes, I love finding other bloggers in the area, too.

  5. I am so flattered to be included on your list, Tiara! Maybe one day we can meet for a glass of vino or a workout, neighbor?? :) Oh and thanks for introducing me to a couple new bloggers as well!

  6. I am loving the Whole Food Bellies blog. Thanks for all the new blogs to explore. :)

  7. I only know a couple of these blogs. I'll have to check out the others this weekend. Thanks!

  8. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for including me! I feel so honored to be among a list of other amazing healthy and fitness bloggers! Can't wait to check out Whole Food Bellies, she is new to me :)