Monday, March 14, 2016

Shopping for Healthy Foods Online

Thank you Swanson Health Products for sponsoring today's post. As always opinions are 100% my own.

Shopping for Healthy Foods Online

It's safe to say I buy nearly everything online. The UPS, Fedex, and mailman probably think I'm a SAHM with a major shopping habit. Well Mr postman, I'm a SATWM [that's right I work!] who loves a good deal. Plus, I would rather spend my time snuggling my baby, working out, exploring the outdoors, etc. then spend time shopping brick and mortar stores. Naturally when Swanson Health Products came knocking and asked if I wanted to shop for 'healthy'products online, I didn't even hesitate. Come on, two things I love!

Anyway, Swanson Health Products hooked this fit chick up with $50 to spend as I pleased. Warning: There are so many healthy options to choose form! It's like Target -- you'll go for one thing and walk away with 10.

After browsing their site I went to my cabinets to see what I really needed. Spices, baking goods and dried fruit were at the top of the list.

Shopping for Healthy Foods Online

Everything arrived within the week after placing my order! Talk about fast delivery. The dried mangos and cherries didn't last very long. Nor did the dark chocolate bar [big surprise!]. I was happy to stock my spice drawer and can't wait to use the coconut sugar [recipe coming soon]. The total cost for 11 items was only $51.49.

OK, so here's the truth about shopping through Swanson Health Products -- you're going to save money! Don't believe me. Check out this quick price comparison.

Simply Organic Ground Nutmeg

MRSP - $8.39
Amazon - $8.16
Thrive - $6.29
Swanson - $6.20

Swanson Health Products offers shoppers an array of items, like healthy foods, vitamins, baby products, and even pet products!

Start shopping and saving today, HERE!

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