Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tips & Tricks | How to Keep a Clean Home

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I must confess -- I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning. Who wouldn't prefer doing anything but clean.

Typically my house is very clean, tidy and neatly organized. Then there are days when it's pure chaos and I haven't picked up the toys from the night before, three loads of laundry are piled up and the dishes need to be loaded and uploaded among other things.

In effort to keep a clean home and my sanity I created a 'cleaning' schedule. I clean daily.... Yes, let that soak in. But what if I told you I don't clean longer than an hour?! Yup, no more wasting all day Saturday or Sunday cleaning your house.

How to Keep a Clean Home

+ Unload and load the dishes. I typically like to start the dishes before I go to bed so they're clean in the morning.
+ Do a BIG pick up before going to bed. [i.e., put away shoes, books, toys, etc.] The goal here is waking up to the tidy house.
+ If you have wood floors do a quick sweep after dinner as apart of your overall cleanup.
+ Make the bed

ONCE A WEEK [Pick one day a week to clean a certain area of the house.]
+ Vacuum [technically I vacuum every other day, but the I have a dog]
+ Bathroom
+ Living Room
+ Wash floors/ Mop
+ Kitchen [Clean sink, stove, etc. this is more of a deep clean]
+ Dust Bedrooms
+ Clean Windows

Ok, are you still with me? You might have noticed laundry didn't make the list. So, let's talk about laundry. I could do laundry everyday, but I typically pick a day I know I'm working from home and just hammer it out.

Since having Emerson I've started paying closer attention to cleaning products and what's in them. Looking to make the switch to a sulfate free detergent I discovered a new product on Amazon, all® Fresh Clean™ Essentials. The detergent preserves the color of clothes and provides a deep clean without the harshness. Basically it allows you to let kids be kids!

Pro tip: For best results ALWAYS  remember to follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly.

The moral of this post is when you clean a little bit everyday you'll not only have a clean house, but you'll have more time to spend outside with your loved ones!

What type of sulfate free products do you use, if any?


  1. Doing the dishes before I go to bed makes me way less stressed when I wake up!

  2. I started picking everything up before I go to bed and it makes a huge difference waking up to a clean house. Starts your day off right. #client

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