Tuesday, August 2, 2016

For the Love of CrossFit

This shouldn't be a surprise to most of you, but I love to workout! Did I mention I also love competition. Not kidding. I love it so much that I've ran Tough Mudder three times even at four month pregnant [read more here, here and here].

When I started Crossfit back up, after getting pregnant a month after initially joining, a little over a year ago I never imagined I would be stronger than ever. But the coaches at my box ignited a fire within and things just started clicking.

Which leads me to the Carson City 'New Kids in the Box' competition I participated in a few weeks ago. Yeah, you could say I'm crazy, but I LOVED it. I loved it so much I just signed up for a The Cascade Classic qualifier. No I don't think I have a chance, but I want to test my limits and see where I land. 

Let's recap my first Crossfit comp though. While I didn't do as well as I wanted too I didn't do half bad.... especially since I had a baby 18 months ago!  

There was a solid group from our GYM.

The workouts were tough -- Snatches with over the bar burpees, deadlift ladder, max cal bike and a sled pull sprint, or two, mixed with squats and ground to overhead.

This is me at round 8 during event 1, snatches and over the bar burpees. During the athlete briefing they said we could switch to cleans which my coach had me do when I hit round 8 during the 6 minute AMRAP. I seriously thought I was going to die after this.

My tribe came out to support me. The hubs now understands why I'm always at the gym. 

There I am in the background trying to hold it together after a 1 minute max cal on the bike. I believe I took 4th in this event. Which I was surprised about. Oh, I should mention this was immediately after the deadlift ladder. Which I fell apart on.

It was a long and challenging day, but we had a blast and three members from our box made the podium! And yes I would do it again.

Photo Credit: South Tahoe Crossfit

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  1. Wow! You are tough! I've looked into Crossfit but I don't think it's for me. I admire your perseverance.