Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 Things You Should Buy at Target

Like you, my love for target runs deep. I can't seem to leave the store under an hour! Even if I only end up buying one thing. You know you have to cruise the entire store. #firstworldproblems

Anyway, with all the remodeling I've been feeling like I need to start sprucing up the joint. If we're going to be honest all the rooms [expect Emerson's] need sprucing up. Since I'm not trying to break the bank here I'm turning to my trusty friend Target to help a girl and her wallet out. BTW - this is NOT a sponsored post. Target is on point with their home goods. Yup, this girl is rocking Target sheets on the master and guest room beds! Hello, soft and affordable. So I rounded up 10 things you need to buy from Target. These are items I've purchased or they're currently sitting in my cart just waiting for a sale.

10 Items You Need From Target

1. Sheet Set

Yup, my college self never thought my 30 year old self would say it, but Target  sheets are awesome. They're affordable, soft, wash well and the fitted sheet actual stays tight around the mattress! I also currently bought a new bedskirt for the guest bedroom.

2. Candles
Ah, Target seems to have the best priced and smelling candles. Make sure to pick up the Peppermint & Vanilla Vineyard Hill Naturals by Paddywax this holiday season!

3. Kids Clothes
Kids go through clothes fast and Target carries cute  affordable kids clothes. Plus, there's always a extra discount on cartwheel or so it seems. For example while the Cat & Jack play shirts were recently marked down I used Cartwheel and received an additional 25% off paying $3 or less per a top. Emerson currently has this, this and this on her wishlist.

4. Workout Clothes
You didn't think I wouldn't include workout gear, did you? I love mixing target tops with my Lululemon or The North Face pants. I'm currently loving/eying this tank.

5. Snacks
No explantation needed....

6. Basically all Kid Gear
Kids require a lot of stuff and Target seems to have it all! We've purchased everything from food, bath soap, to toys. You name it we've probably bought it. I should mention Target prices are very competitive with Amazon so don't forget to research bigger items first.

7. Cleaning Supplies
While you can pick up Mrs. Meyer's or Method products anywhere if you're already there why not?

8. Planner
People 2017 is just months away. While I live by my iPhone I still love a planner/notebook to write notes, etc. I'm currently loving the Sugar Paper line.

9. Wall Decor
I always browse this section, but have rarely bought items until recently. Hello Pillowfort and all the other fun collaborations such as Oh Joy! I recently purchased this Pillowfort Unicorn for Emerson's room.

10. Kitchenware
Here's the thing my everyday dishes, serving platters, etc are from Crate and Barrel and all white. The best way to spice things up is by adding fun pieces. Whether it's seasonal or everyday I just like to add a little color to my "clean" looking kitchen. For example, I recently purchased new striped placemats. Currently lusting over this, this and this! Yes, completely random item, but so practical.

So there you have it 10 items you need to purchase at Target  However this list could have easily been 20+ things.

What are some of your favorite purchases from Target?

Psst, some deals you won't want to miss!

Prepare for sweater weather with 30% off Men's, Women's and Kid's Outerwear when you use the code FALL30 at checkout. Speaking of cool codes, also get up to 25% + an extra 10% off Home items with code FALLHOME. And for those early planners Target has a deal on Halloween indoor and outdoor decorations - Spend $30 save $5 and spend $60 save $10.


  1. Ahh I love Target and I love all this stuff!! Especially the teal pitcher!

    -Alexandra Hammer

  2. All the target love! Target sheets for the win!

  3. LOved this post! I don't think I could narrow it down to jjust 10! Haha

  4. Sooooo I could think of another bajillion things but I appreciate keeping it to a minimum!! I love Target's kitchenware items!

  5. I love that you put journal on the list! I also love my iphone but I crave a journal. I love writting things down and making lists. So I think I must just invest in one. Thanks for the push!

  6. How could you leave the store with just 10? Target has all the cute stuff. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Great things listed! Too bad there isn't a target near me anymore!

  8. I love Target and yes, every year I treat myself to their planner section. Another thing Target is awesome at? That $1 - $3 section in front of the store. I don't know how I manage, but I usually blow about $30 right there...every.trip.

  9. I applaud you for limiting your list to 10 things! I live across the street from a Target so I'm always there and my list would just be the entire store!

  10. There is no Target near me, but I love shopping there when I get a chance!

  11. I'm not a huge Target fan, but i've never purchased workout clothes from there. I need to check int othose some more.

  12. Kids clothes are a must from Target! The $1-$3 section at the front of the store always sucks me in.

  13. This post is pure torture for me!! target is my weak spot lol. One of those places you go in to for one thing and walk out with 10! I've heard great things about their sheet sets though, too!

  14. Oooooh Target is my happy place! I always check out their dollar section because they have the cutest home/office stuff, and their mugs in the kitchen section always have the cutest sayings!

  15. Target always has great planners. I wasn't a fan of Sugar Paper this year, but hopefully next year! Thank you for this post I love Target!

  16. Brilliant piece. I love the sheets too! . :-)

  17. I LOVE Target and could do some serious damage in there. I agree... their candles are amazing!

  18. I've been buying my sheets from Target and I don't think I can look back! I've never been disappointed! Also that blush nudes palette is so beautiful!


  19. Seriously, Target can do NO wrong! Love your picks.