Friday, September 2, 2016

It's all about the Backsplash

Hi friends remember a long, long time ago when I mentioned we were remodeling our kitchen, living room and anything else that happen to rear it's ugly head in the process? It's been a long year, but we really did remodel our house. I was just a bad blogger and didn't keep you in the loop. Well folks times are changing! I'm about to get down blogging about my house. Why because you deserve it and honestly it's time to step away from sponsored posts. Don't get me wrong sponsor posts make remodels possible plus it's fun introducing you to new products. With that said, they are not going away completely, but you'll probably notice a lot less or a lot more me content! YAY!

So let's kick things off out of order because that's how I roll. Since we're wrapping up our backsplash installation it's only fitting I chat about backsplashes [for sneak peaks check out my IG stories @Tiara_Wasner or snaps @tiarawasner]. Then we'll get back to the beginning next time. ;)

I'm not going to lie picking a backsplash was hard. Like really hard. As in it took me a year to finally pull the trigger, but I'm happy with it [mostly]. While I knew white subway tiles would  be safe and probably look the best EVERYONE is doing it. I wanted our kitchen to be different, but not over the top. And no I didn't go with glass -- not a fan at all, sorry. Nope not sharing the reveal today, but here's the idea.


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