Thursday, November 3, 2016

Five Things

TGIF! That's all I have to say about that. Honestly, I don't even know where the week went. I do know I'm ready for the weekend!

shirt / pants /chair 

ONE | Preschool
Emerson started preschool this week! So far so good. While I'm not stoked on the meal options I surrender. It's not horrible. We just eat super clean.

TWO | Holiday Gift Guides
Stay tune holiday gift guides will be dropping next week! Until then here are a few things I'm loving!

THREE | Sponsored Posts 
Since this is a for profit blog and in effort to be 100% transparent... The plan moving forward is to be  more selective regarding sponsored posts. I have some fun sponsored posts and giveaways coming soon! While I might not accept as many sponsored opportunities moving forward I'll keep using affiliate links where and when I can.

FOUR | Prepping for the Holidays
We're hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm fanatically trying to finish projects. Over the weekend we put up new house numbers and a porch light -- it's time to move indoors. The plan is to go room by room. We probably won't get everything finished, but I'll try! It only took 3ish months, but I finally hung some photos in our guest room.

FIVE | New Booties
My new booties FINALLY arrived! They were sold out and on back order for the longest time, but they arrived yesterday! The verdict - AMAZING! Just in case you're interested they're stocked and currently 30% off. You needs these in your life. They are true to size.

PSST -- If you don't follow me on Facebook you should, because I'm trying something new. Moving forward I'll be posting my daily workout attire, great deals, and other random daily musings.


  1. When did Emerson get so big? Did 't you just have her a few months ago?! :)

    Also, I was totally looking at those booties a few days ago!

    1. HAHA - I know she's growing so fast. You need those booties! :)