Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Toddler Approved Snow Gear

If this photo doesn't melt your heart. Emerson is the cutest like snow bunny (IMO). With all the recent snowfall we've been spending a lot of time outside. Not to mention Emerson plays outside everyday at preschool. With that said, I looked for items that would keep our girl warm and last the entire season. We went with high low. Emerson's home snow gear is Obermeyer and her school snow gear is Cat & Jack from Target! 

Why Target? At preschool they play hard and sometimes share clothes.  This way we don't have to worry about ripes, stains or another kids wearing her clothes. Yup, that's happen.

If you live in snow county invest in quality snow pieces, but if you're visiting for the weekend Cat & Jack for Target will suffice. I recommend purchasing a second snowsuit to leave at preschool as well.  

Toddler Tested and Approved Snow Gear

Jacket: We love Emerson's Obermeyer Jacket because it's insulted enough  not to have to layer. Yet it might be too warm during the spring. However her Cat & Jack Jacket is 3-in-1 making it perfect for winter and spring. 

Pants/ Bibs: We prefer bibs to pants. This eliminates the chance snow getting between layers. Again she has Obermeyer and Cat & Jack bibs.

Gloves: While Emerson rises off her gloves as soon as we get outside we try..... If worn, the Gordon Toddler Easy On Mitts will keep the little hands nice and toasty.

Hat: We have a handful of beanies, but on snowy days she prefers beanies with earflaps. It also helps if it's fleece lined. The double pom pom is always fun too.

Shoes: Snow shoes are key. not only do they offer warm they help with traction. Originally I was planning on purchasing these Sorel's, but ended up going with Cat & Jack snow boots. So far they've been perfect.  

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