Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunshine and CrossFit Open 17.3

Spring has sprung in Lake Tahoe and I'm over the moon. Fingers crossed it's here to stay. It was a long few months full of snow. Like I mentioned on Friday it has me dreaming of vacation. We're actually in the process of planning our next getaway which includes getting our best gal a passport. EEK. Can't you just picture her building sand castles on a beach in Mexico. I can. Until then I'll be in the gym working on my summer body ;)

We're officially halfway through the CrossFit Open! While I'm not qualifying for the masters regionals (this year -- yay I have crazy goals) I tried to approach the open as my super bowl. Yup, I can't wait to see where I land amongst my peers. In my region I took 70th place (out off 1,000) for 17.2 in the Masters 35-39 division! Pretty pumped about that.

This week will probably be a little different as squat snatches are not easy for me... I pause.


After watching the 17.3 announcement I thought well I'll be happy if I can get through 95 lbs. The weight load jumps for RX were a bit ridiculous. But that's what the open is all about. It's about pushing your limits and doing things you didn't think you could do. I also knew this was going to be rough because I have a pause in my squat snatch -- hello no rep.

I did the workout at 1 pm on Friday afternoon with my training partner. We're a good match. Oh and I went with RX. If I really want to see where I stand I have to RX the WODs. Let's just say it didn't go as planned. I received no reps left and right on my squat snatches which just pissed me off. Then I started missing! Needless to say I made it to 95 lbs, but couldn't get a single one. Not my best day. Clearly I had to redo it.

Sunday I woke up, had breakfast, got into the right headspace and headed to the gym. I took my time warming up and really focused on the task at hand. My performance overall was better. My spilt was a minute faster, I didn't receive a no rep on single lift until I missed at 95 lbs. Unfortunately I only made one at 95 lbs. Still not my best, but better than Friday. 

If it was a chest to bar workout I would have killed it, but it wasn't. 17.3 showed me how far I've come, but also how much work I have to do. Now onto 17.4 give me some ring muscle ups please :)

Are you participating in the CrossFit open? What did you think of 17.3? 

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  1. awesome great job, girl!!!!! I literally just finished my workout and was bummed to have to scale as I was currently sitting in a pretty good regional rank in my AG . . . but the snatch squat is NOT my move, I have terrible hip mobility as a 25+ year elite runner :-( . . . I got through the 35,55, 75 fast and had to just look at the 95# bar haha -- and being reduced to jumping pull ups seemed so silly . . .but oh well, hopefully I will own the next WOD.