Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Crossfit Comp Recap

Hello, hello!

If you follow me on instagram [@tiara_wasner] then you might have noticed on Saturday there was some serious fitness going on. Yup, I competed in a Crossfit competition. Not only was it a blast I worked my little butt off. In the end I placed 6th overall and missed the finals by only 4 points! That's basically a matter of seconds.

This year I completed in the Masters 35-44 division. Yay, for being an old lady. Above is just a few of the crew with Coach Del - 3x Crossfit Games Masters Athlete!

The WODs were fast and dirty. While I placed 3rd in WOD 1 when it came to the 1,000m row apparently I just couldn't row fast enough and placed 9th. whomp, whomp.

Hey, that's ok because I placed 4th in WOD 3 - Max 3 rep front squat from the ground. Oh it happen immediately after rowing 1,000 meters! You had 9 minutes to complete both. Yours truly hit 135 lbs.

Del coaching me through my lift while I'm trying to catch my breath after rowing.

WOD 4 was running and ground to over head. I pushed it too hard, burnt out, and finished in 9th place. At the end of the day I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made over the last 3 months. While I would have loved to make it to the finals I know I tried my best. After thinking about each WOD I know where I could have improved.

But my girl Nicole placed 1st overall! So pride of her.

Just two fit moms!

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  1. I think I did well because I try to keep up with you and all of your training! Here's to doing all of that slow...too much standing around....skill work!

    1. all the standing around is really paying off! ;)