Monday, July 24, 2017

Hiking with a Toddler

Are you ready for this? We took Emerson hiking! I'll let it and this view fully soak in.

You're probably thinking we're crazy. I might agree with you, but it went way better than I expected. Especially considering we don't have a pack, like one of  these, to carry her in. That's right she walked or road on dad's shoulders!

We tried to keep it fun and made sure to snap photos and stop for plenty of snacks along the way.

While we had an end destination we gaged whether to continue based on Emerson. Yes, I would have liked to hike further or faster, but our goal was to keep it fun and get her use to hiking. It's something we enjoy doing and hope she will too.

Around an hour in we could tell she was getting tired and decided it was time to turn around. On the way back we saw goats! Yes, goats. To top it off they were pet goats. There was a woman walking 3 leashed goats! That was a first. It might have been the highlight of the hike.

Tips for hiking with a Toddler
- keep it fun
- pick a simple hike
- talk about hiking before you go
- pack lot of snacks
- sunscreen and a big hat are musts

This time around we picked a beginner hike to Lake Winnemuca. It's mostly a covered hike, but offers gorgeous views and if you time it right you can catch the wildflowers blooming.

What type of adventures are you taking with your kids this summer?

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