Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Only Hat you Need to Buy Your Kid

I don't know about you, but trying to keep a hat on a 2 and a half year old isn't easy. Well that was until I purchased a Sunday Afternoon hat! And for the record they are by no means paying me to say this. Seriously though Emerson will rock the Kids Play hat fishing, hiking, at the beach, etc. Best money spent this summer!

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I'm just going to lay it out there it's not the most fashionable hat, but it's practical and in my opinion Emerson looks pretty darn cute in it.

It all started at the beach. There's a group of us who meet at beach, with the kids, every Sunday like clock work. (Nick usually stays home to work on the house.) Two of the kids had Sunday Afternoon hats and after weeks of noticing how they NEVER took them off I knew Emerson needed one.

Later that night you better believe I ordered one from Amazon! Yes, they are pricey for a kids hat however they are worth EVERY penny! It'll be a great hat for our upcoming trip to Mexico! Yup, tickets and hotel are booked. Via la Mexico!

Oh, and the best part about this specific hat is it will grow with her head!

Amazing Features Include:
- Down-sloping brim with floatable foam core
- Full neck veil for protecting back of neck
- UPF 50+ Certified Sun Rating
- Strategic mesh ventilation on Child & Youth sizes
- Water Repellent/Stain Resistant
- Packs flat for travel SmartStrap® Breakaway Chinstrap Technology
- Stroller-Friendly Wearability
- Adjustable sizing

I should mention I'm not alone, all the other parents from our beach group also purchased the Sunday Afternoon Kids Play Hat! We might have to lined them up at the beach for a photo or two.

For sizing questions, we purchased a medium for Emerson and it's perfect.

FYI: they make some cute lifestyle hats for women and men. I'm digging this, this and this for myself and I could see Nick rocking this hat.

Shop our Favorite Sunday Afternoon Hats for the whole Family:

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