Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Toddler Gift Guide

Oh, the holidays. We're parents who believe less is more, but do love watching the excitement on Emerson's face every time she sees a Christmas tree. However, last night she told me Santa is scary. I get it, sitting on the lap of a man in a red suit with a big white beard is odd.

Those of you who know me know I'm a practical gift giver. I recently shared an article on my FB page titled, Please Don’t Buy My Kids More Toys. Try This Instead. This article is everything. Experiences, books or contributing to a college fund is better than a million toys [IMO]. What's your take?

With that said, we do like to have one or two things for Emerson to open on Christmas day. This year I'm focusing on toys I know will expand her mind.

Books - Children can never have too many books. This year I'm planning on wrapping 24 books so she can open one a night from December 1-24. I think A Thousand Billion Things (And Some Sheep) is a super cute book to give as a gift to any little boy or girl.

Tea Set - Emerson LOVES her play kitchen, as well as helping mom in the kitchen. Adding pieces to her kitchen will help keep this tiny foodie's imagination fueled.

Toy Kitchen Mixer - Emerson recently discovered the art of making cookies. She always wants to make chocolate chip cookies or muffins with mom. So I'm pretty sure she would be excited to have her own mixer.

Best Friends Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls Set - Emerson loves dolls and this is a simple way for her to play dress up. Remember she's only 3. It also seems like it would make for a great road trip toy.

My Little Town Sticker Activity Set - Stickers are also a big hit and this sticker book is perfect.

Magformers - We bought Emerson Magaformers last year and they were a big hit. She uses her imagination to "build houses."

Blue Orange USA Games Pengoloo Memory Game - I feel like Emerson is at the age where we can start to introduce simple games. I think this would be a fun one to start with.

Clothes - Our girl is set on clothes however come spring she'll need a pair of rain boots. Emerson loves rain boots with loops so she can pull them on herself. Every year we buy her a puffy and while she already has one for this winter how cute is this PATAGONIA Down Sweater Jacket!?

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