Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Creating a Happy Healthy Home, Our To-Do List

When you buy a fixer-upper house the to-do list never ends. My husband and I bought our house in 2010, yes at the bottom of the market. We bought a fixer-upper because it was the "smart financial choice." Plus, it's what we could afford even though we were approved for more than we could afford.
There are often times we wish we had purchased something bigger, but then again eight years ago we were looking for a starter home. Over the last eight years, we've turned this house into a home. Maybe even our forever home. Only time will tell. Anyway, back to home improvements.
This is currently the kitchen.

And on the other side, it looks like is this.....

Before we even moved in we replaced the carpet, painted walls and gutted the bathroom on the cheap. Since then we were able to save up and remodel the kitchen. We've also completed a number of smaller projects like painting the house, replacing windows and doors and minor landscaping the front yard. Needless to say, there's still a ton to do or redo (cough the main bath).

So what better way than to make a list so we can start checking things off.

- swap out barstools
- update kitchen runner
- update curtains, dining table & chairs
- swap out 2 random sliders to big windows
- fix door and paint

Main Bathroom (While I would really like to redo the entire bathroom that likely won't happen for a hot minute.)
- refinish vanity
- finish painting

Powder Bathroom
- update paint
- update mirror
- swap out light fixer
- replace flooring
- install baseboards

- paint doors, walls, trim and ceiling
- swap out water heater to tankless
- replace flooring
- install trim
- build a bench, shoe storage, etc.
- build in washer/dryer and additional storage above

Master Bedroom (aside from fresh paint & carpet this hasn't been touched since we moved in)
- New bed frame, nightstands, dresser
- paint everything
- update carpet (when we moved in we installed super cheap carpet I would like to update the carpet in all three bedrooms)
- swap hollow doors to solid doors
- swap out slider to french doors
- art

Guest room/Home office
- paint everything
- update carpet
- swap hollow doors to solid doors
- art

Emerson's room
- paint
- update carpet
- swap out dresser
- add family & friend photos 

Living Room
- buy an area rug
- swap out coffee table
- paint fireplace
- swap out mantel
- add built-in the left of the fireplace
- find an occasional chair
- hang some art/photos
- refinish lawyer bookcase
- swap out slider to french doors
- add curtains?

Front Yard
- update porch, walkway, and driveway

- come up with a plan and execute it! Eight years later and it's still a blank slate.

- drywall
- organize everything

So I guess I better get to work! Tips, deals or suggestions are always welcomed.

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