Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Toddler Travel Essentials

Whether you're just getting back, gearing up, or planning to hit the road in the new year you'll want to keep reading. We pretty much have Emerson's travel bag dialed! However, since every kid is different hopefully you'll find some of this information useful.

1. Kids Backpack
This one should be a given, but the idea is to let the child pick some items to take with them. Obvious with a nearly 4-year-old we have a tendency to pair it down otherwise she might not be able to carry her backpack. We also try to guide her to toys with minimal pieces. You don't want a meltdown because you lost something.

2. Activity Books
We bust these out at restaurants because we don't believe in screens while eating. Sorry, that's the way we roll. Yes, we're keeping her busy and active so she's not running around the restaurant, but we want her present at mealtime and not glued to a screen.

3. Boogie Board
Hours and hours of endless drawing without all the supplies. I purchased this on a whim last year at Costco and it's been one of the best purchases. However, we have a child who likes to paint, color, draw etc.

4. Target Spot Activites 
I like to bring 1 or 2 new things when we travel. Target is great for $1-3 items they can enjoy and toss after vacation. This time around I bought a $1 puzzle. I can't tell you how many times she put it together!

5. Toddler Headphones & iPad
We always make sure to download movies for Em via Netflix before traveling. She'll typically watch at least one movie in flight or on the road. She loves her LilGadgets Volume Limited Headphones and does a decent job of keeping them on.

What are your toddler's travel essentials?

Happy Traveling!

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