Monday, October 21, 2019

At home with Arlo Pro 3

This post is sponsored by Arlo Pro 3 but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hi, I'm Tiara and a Happy Healthy Home is my little corner of the internet. Between this space and Instagram, you'll typically find me chatting about food, fitness, and fun.

In today's digital age you can never be too careful or safe. I walk that line as a "lifestyle" blogger. I share more than most. When we travel we typically have someone stay at our house and dog sit, but what about day-to-day? 

Yes, I live in a small safe community, but you never know. I also tell the hubby it only takes one time. Now I can run errands or hit the gym knowing there are eyes on my house while I'm gone.  Arlo Pro 3 offers the cutting-edge home security technology we were looking for. I love that I can see what's happening from my phone whether I'm traveling or sitting on my couch. OH, and it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance!

But if I'm being honest I'm just trying to catch a bear cruising the neighborhood. It's been two weeks and NO bear sightings yet. Fingers crossed. 

Why the Arlo Pro 3 and not another camera system?

 - Details matter: Zoom in on objects and see clearer details and colors in 2K HDR. 
Color sight, day and night: Capture the full picture, even in low light with color night vision.
A Spotlight That Never Sleeps: Light up the night and identify unique details with the integrated spotlight.
Quick and simple wire-free set-up: Easily install and adjust your camera like a pro with the new magnetic mount.
Get the bigger picture: Keep an eye on more of what matters with a wider 160-degree field of view.
Notifications that matter: Receive notifications when your camera spots people, vehicles, animals or a package is delivered with Arlo Smart. 3 months of Arlo Smart service is included
Brave the elements: Certified to withstand heat, cold, rain or sun.
2-way audio: Hear and speak to visitors, clearly with superior audio quality.
Built-in smart siren: Trigger your camera’s siren remotely or automatically
Rechargeable Batteries: Convenient and long-lasting takes the expense out of security

Did I mention how easy it was to set up? I'm talking less than an hour. Camera kits are available with 1-6 cameras in either white or black. We opted for the Arlo Pro 3 white 2-camera kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get started. When you're ready to set everything up you download the Arlo app and you're ready to roll in 3,2,1.

We choose to set up our cameras to capture activity around the front door and garage. However, after a few weeks, we're rethinking our placement.  Yup, yours truly getting that angle!

Once set up we were getting alerts instantly. I quickly changed the notifications so we received alerts that were important to us. You know people, animals, and packages! 

The Arlo app stores videos for up to 30 days.

When it comes to protecting our home, we all want products that are simple, easy to use and reliable when keeping an eye on everything when we can’t. Whether it’s your kids, pets, grandparents, packages, or neighborhood, the new Arlo Pro 3 does just that. It provides you the tools to monitor your home when you can't!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Arlo Pro 3 camera system in-store or online at Best Buy today! Did I mention it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance!

Monday, May 13, 2019

How to Clean up your Diet

Summer is literally weeks away and you're thinking it's time to make some changes so you feel and look your best. Am I right?! The simplest change is food. Small tweaks to the way we eat can sometimes make the biggest impact. Especially when you're consistent over time. Better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, or increased confidence, etc. I could go on and on.  Anyway, when it comes to a "diet" you have to find one that's right for you, fits your lifestyle and is sustainable over time. It's time to stop the yo-yo dieting and start fueling and eating for longevity.

Throw away the temptations.
I'm not kidding. If it doesn't align with your goals get rid of it. It's not doing you any good. Plus, if it's not in the house you won't be tempted. Simple as that! Can't bring yourself to through it away? Then donate it or give it to a friend.

Meal Prep
Did you know you're more likely to stay on track when there's prepped meals/food around? It's true. In today's society, it's all about fast, grab-and-go options. So why not make your own grab and go options at home. You'll have to be ok with leftovers.

Two Simple Meal Prep Methods:

  1. Prep full meals. Yes, cook and divide meals into various containers for the week. Think Salads, rice bowls, wraps, sandwiches, frittata, overnight oats, etc. Your options are endless. 
  2. Prep individual items that can be easily used throughout the week to create meals. This is the option I like and use. I chop all the veggies/fruit and cook a big batch of chicken. Then I used these items throughout the week to make various meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It helps cut down on time.

Eat Veggies
Like your mother use to say, "Eat your veggies." Your plate should be full with a decent protion of veggies at every meal. Plain and simple.

Limit processed carbs and dairy
Both can be inflamatory to the body. I'm not saying to cut them out completely, I'm just saying to limit the amount you consume. At the end of the day, we want to focus on whole nutrient desense foods and limit the amount of proceed foods we consume daily.

Cut Alcohol/Soda/Fruit Juice
HELLO! Empty calories. Need I say more?!

Eat balanced Meals
How do you do that? Make sure you're eating a combination of carbs, fats, and protein at every meal. This is where tracking food and counting macros come in handy. You're able to see the makeup of food, what portion sizes really look like, and if you're eating the amounts needed to achieve goals.

Simple, right!

Need help getting started? Reach out to your gal or ask all the questions below. Love Ya!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Recent Purchases - Fitness, Beauty & TARGET!

Hey there! Yes, I know it's been awhile. But life has been a little cray and I feel like I've been playing catch up for 3 months. lol. Anyway, don't worry I survived our crazy winter and promise to check in more often.

I don't know about you, but it seems like everything is always on sale!  You all know I'm a simple gal who doesn't spend a lot on clothes. Better yet I'm not a big shopper and really only shop when I need something or it's finally on sale. What can I say I'm becoming more and more of a minimalist the older I get. With that said, there are a few things I've picked up the last few months that are worth mentioning.

These days I pretty much live in workout clothes. I work from home so unless I have a meeting I wear leggings and a T-shirt. I just purchased these and these from Athleta and highly recommend them! For reference, I wear an XS.

Living a healthy life isn't just about what you eat it's about the products you use and the people you surround yourself with. This year is about diving head first into everything I'm doing. Aligning with the right people and in this case the right company. I've been using Beautycounter for the last 2+ years so it just seemed like a natural fit. I have a number of favorite products, but my top 3 include the Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Brilliant Brow Gel, and Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage. Let me know if you have any questions. Don't worry a more in-depth post is in the works with my WHY, etc.

Let me count the ways I love Target. I really wish it wasn't 25+ miles away. Either way, I make the most of it when I go and know I'm not alone. Emerson pretty much grew overnight so we grabbed these 5T jeggings. All the home stuff is currently on sale and I'm eying this curtain rod, this floating shelf, and this Metal Mesh & Faux Wood Patio Set.

Just being basic and ordering all the things from Amazon. HAHA. Anyway, I recently reordered my favorite Noniko Natural Deodorant. I finally bought Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit! The hubs bought a few new "fishing" items and I currently have this flamingo sweatshirtThe Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health book and Round Wall Mirror sitting in my cart.

Just a few of the things I've purchased over the last few months. But I want to know what you're loving and can't live without?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Master Bedroom Update Plans

Today is all about our home. Actually our master bedroom! To be honest we haven't done anything to our master other than paint and new carpet since we moved in nine years ago! I know crazy right?

What's even crazier is our current dresser I had in college and I had the nightstands as a kid! They are quality (solid wood) pieces that have stood the test of time! It just goes to show why it's important to spend a little extra on furniture. I'm not saying a higher price tag will equate to higher quality, but don't be afraid to spend a little more. Just make sure to do your research and make sure it's something you will love in 5 to 10 years down the road.  No one wants to replace furniture every few years. I don't.

With at said, what spurred the update is our bedframe broke and there's no fixing it. We figured since we would be replacing the bedframe we should take the opportunity to paint and update our nightstands, dresser, and overall feel.

Regarding style, I'm a little all over the place. I love mid-century modern, industrial modern, and traditional. The way I typically decorate is I just buy want like and that's that. All the designers are now cringing. Anyway, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


So here's what I'm thinking and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Bed: Contemporary Upholstered Storage Bed

Bedding: Organic Washed Cotton Duvet Cover + Shams + Pamela Wiley Organic Optic Stripe Quilt

Dresser: Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser (Might snag Emerson dresser, which is similar, and replace hers)

Sidetables: Penelope NightstandBlythe Nightstand or Flynn Nightstand

Lamps: Brass Nook Pivoting Wall Sconce

Mirror: Round Decorative Mirror (I actually have this already)

I'm also considering a gallery wall, art, etc.

Here's the thing I'm totally open to suggestions. I would even be open to someone literally creating a mood board with items to purchase, etc.

We'll likely paint the walls a shade of white and keep things clean and simple.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Macros, Carb Cycling and Daily Eats

Hello, hello. I'm still here counting macros, grinding out workouts, and making magic happen. I know it's been awhile. I've been sitting on this post for a while. I guess you could say it's been hard for me to put it in writing. 

Anyway, let's dive in. It's been a year and a half since I started counting macros and roughly three months since I started carb cycling. When I first started "counting macros" I had the same macro breakdown every day. Then I decided I needed to change something because I was bored with food plus I needed more out of my workouts.  After giving a number of things some thought I decided to give carb cycling a try. Of course, I decided to do this smack dab in the middle of the holidays and travel! Call me crazy but I made it work.

It took around a month for my body to adjust to the new numbers. Probably because of the crazy swing in the carb and fat grams. But it has paid off! In the last month, I've seen changes in my body and gains in the gym. I can't wait to see what happens after a few more months.

So what exactly is Carb Cycling? 

Carb cycling is a dietary approach in which you alternate carb intake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is commonly used to lose fat, maintain physical performance while dieting, or overcome a weight loss plateau. Some people adjust their carb intake day-to-day, while others may do longer periods of low, moderate and high-carb diets. In short, carb cycling aims to time carbohydrate intake to when it provides maximum benefit and exclude carbs when they're not needed. -

I'm currently cycling three days (rest, low volume and high volume) based on my training for that day. Basically, I'm looking to fuel my workouts, recovery, etc.

Rest can include anything from doing nothing to walking the dog, yoga, or other forms of active recovery. What's crazy is that I'm still eating around 2,000 calories a day!  Here's a sample day of food. Clearly, you can see I'm eating a wide range of food!

Macros, Carb Cycling and Daily Eats

High volume days for me means I'm doing all the things. Lifting, cardio, gymnastics, etc. It can also be LONG runs, powder days, or other intense activities. This particular day I focused on macro dense meals with carb sources such as potatoes, rice & oats. Again ALL the food!

Macros, Carb Cycling and Daily Eats

I look at low volume days as training days that fall between rest and HV days. It can be just lifting or cardio, an hour-ish combo workout, hike, etc. This LV sample day was also a Saturday and I managed to fit in pizza!

Macros, Carb Cycling and Daily Eats

I'm currently loving carb cycling! However, if you're new to macros I highly suggest starting with the same daily breakdown. There's no need to overly complicate the "macro" learning curve. If you've been counting for a while and feel bored, want more out of workouts, etc. I highly suggest giving carb cycling a try.

Ok, I'm sure you have a ton of questions so feel free to ask away!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Family Photos

Better late than never. But this fall we had family photos taken! It was the first time since Emerson's newborn photos --eek! I mean I'm not lacking any photos of my sweetheart, but it was nice to have someone take professional photos of the entire family!

Enter Courtney Aaron photographer extraordinaire! She's truly amazing and captured our family beautifully.

Emerson really turned it on.

Now I just need to figure out which ones I want to hang on our walls!

But seriously how awesome did these turnout?  My dress is from a local boutique and I just got lucky that Target had something to coordinate for Emerson. Serious mom win.

Looking back on these images makes me want to have photos taken every year! Do you take annual family photos?

Sorry, but can I get all the heart eyes.

While this probably isn't the type of post you were expecting I just had to share. Back to radio silence, food posts and macro talk... until next time ;)